What Are The Benefits Of Installing Double Glazing?

Should you install double glazing in your home? It’s a question practically every homeowner asks at one time or another. But what are the benefits?

Double glazing provides many benefits to your home and it’s all based on science. Double-glazing is precisely what it sounds like: it’s two panels of gall back-to-back on a single unit with a small, near-vacuum gap in between. It’s not actually the glazing that does the magic, but this small gap which prevents heat and noise from passing through your windows, providing many of the benefits we now associate with double glazing today.

Benefit #1: Reduces Your Outgoings

Fed up with paying huge bills to heat your home during the winter? With double glazing, large bills on gas and electricity become a thing of the past. Because of that small gap between the panes, heat can’t escape as easily, and warm air stays in your home for longer. According to some estimates, double glazing prevents up to 50 percent of all heat escaping from your rooms, meaning that you can turn down the thermostat, saving significantly on your energy bills.

Benefit #2: Improves Security

Criminals often use windows to gain access to your home. Opening a traditional single-glazed window is relatively straightforward for those with the right tools. But breaking into a home with double-glazed windows, however, is a lot more difficult, thanks to the sophisticated locking mechanisms and the way in which the windows open. So, if you want to make burglars think twice about taking on your property, install double glazing.

Benefit #3: Improves Safety

Old-style windows aren’t the safest type of window you can buy. The reason? Single-pane windows have a tendency to shatter - not ideal if you’ve got children running around your home. Double-glazed units offer superior safety. Made from toughened glass, they are less prone to shattering when impacted, helping to improve security and increasing their longevity and robustness.

Benefit #4: Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Burning fossil fuels all day long to heat your house isn’t good for the environment. Heating is a major component of household energy use, and so it’s one of the leading causes of high greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Energy Saving Trust, installing double glazing is an excellent way to reduce both the amount of CO2 you burn and household costs. It’s a win-win.

Benefit #5: Reduces Noise

If you live near to a school, a busy road or a construction site, noise in your home can reach a high level with single-pane windows. This is because sound has no problem traveling through glass and into your house. But if you’ve ever watched the Alien films, you’ll know that in space, “nobody can hear you scream.” This is because space is a vacuum and so there is no medium in which the sound can travel. The same principle applies to double-glazed windows. The near-vacuum gap between the panels means that sound from outside can’t directly travel through the glass. It has to find a longer, more roundabout way to get in, like through the walls. Lower levels of outside noise mean lower stress levels and better sleep at night.